Quotes About Keanu

A work in progress…

Director, Tim Hunter

  • “I was looking for a young man who didn’t look like he was a member of any brat pack of the time. Keanu had that quality, I’d also identified when I directed (Matt Dillon) in Tex: not a lot of experience, so no bad habits-and a real need to understand the heart of what they were doing, and know it was honest.”

Ione Skye, River’s Edge

  • “I went with him once on an audition, and the woman was like a forty year old producer. When he went out of the room, she said, ‘Oh my God! Isn’t he amazing?’ I saw then that women of all ages were just going to flip over him.”

Director, Ron Nyswaner

  • “I saw in him constant emotion. He’s like a Chinese menu — he’ll give you a half-dozen different readings. But the real Keanu is a lot like the character in the film despite his refusal to see any resemblance.”
  • “I loved Keanu in River’s Edge, but it was a very serious drama. I had no idea whether or not he could be funny. So the producer and I had him up to the hotel in Los Angeles to talk about the part, and he made us laugh for a solid 45 minutes. After that, I knew Keanu had to be Rupert.”

John Malkovich, Dangerous Liaisons

  • “He’s the archetypal troubled young American. He’s like your younger brother, someone you should be helping out in some way. He doesn’t invite it. I don’t think he would like it much. But if you’re older, you feel you should protect him.”

Producer, Scott Kroopf

  • “He brought to it an oddly serious sensibility for such an unserious character. That was part of what made the movie great and it’s also what makes Keanu great as an actor. You’d walk into his trailer and he’d be reading Stanislavsky’s ‘An Actor Prepares’ and applying it to Ted. The reason he ended up unfairly taking this rap of ‘he IS Ted’ was that he did such a great job and it’s hard for any actor, when they truly excel in something, to break out of it.”

Alex Winter

  • “Maybe he still had some ‘Whoas’ and ‘Dudes’ left in him, but he’s not Ted. He’s a bourgeois, shy intellectual from Toronto. He couldn’t be further removed from the So-Cal rat.”

Director, Lawrence Kasden

  • “I was delighted by him and his spirit. I thought he was an extraordinarily charismatic young actor. Very serious about acting and all the different shapes that it can take. And great-looking, like a teen idol. That combination is always intriguing.”

Peter Falk, Tune in Tomorrow

  • “Keanu is one crazy kid, but wise. There is a wisdom there.”

Patrick Swayze, Point Break

  • “He is great to work with – he’s a collaborator who meets you more than half way. I think people underestimate him now but he’ll work his way up to the right leading role and then, boom!”
  • “He obviously has massive passion about his work, and cares almost to a fault. He’s a little hard on himself when he works. But that’s good because that continues the seeking spirit – because he wants the most out of the moment and out of himself. And that lack of tolerance for anything less than the best is what’s going to make him one of the best actors in the world.”

Director, Kathryn Bigelow

  • “Reeves’ inherent likability is “a charisma that’s not manufactured or engineered. It’s absolutely innate. I think there’s a purity and an innocence to him that translates — which, coupled with a very strong persona, is a winning combination.”
  • “He evidences incredible range when you look at it in conjunction with his body of work. He’s an actor willing to take risks, and that quality has done nothing but reward him.”
  • “Even before we knew we had a film, he went to Kawaii, which he admits is not necessarily the place you learn how to surf because the waves break very far out, and it’s got coral reef. I mean it’s not like Waikiki Beach. Those were serious waves for somebody much more seasoned, and I think he was a little beat up by the experience, or rather, humbled. There were elements of that he carried into the character which were wonderful.”
  • “I’ve been an enormous fan of his since ‘River’s Edge’. When this film (Point Break) came up, I thought Keanu’s innate physicality, intelligence and charm would make him perfect to play Utah. He holds the screen, and he’s got a magical ability to put the audience in his back pocket.”

Director, Gus Van Sant

  • “Keanu can do a lot of different things; he’s energetic, spontaneous, very smart. I don’t know if everyone thinks that or appreciates that but he’s able to do some really great things.”
  • “Keanu can lapse into Ted. Sometimes he can be momentarily possessed.”
  • “He likes to play a dumb character; he really enjoys it. The last time I saw him he was shooting ‘Bill & Ted,’ and I asked him, ‘You said you needed to work on the character and find new dimensions in him for the sequel. So what are Ted’s new dimensions?’ He put his hair down and said, ‘Basically, Ted is a lot dumber this time.’ I thought that was funny but also ingenious.”
  • “He’s got a lot of perpetual motion. He’s very focused when you’re discussing his character, but it can be hard to talk with Keanu about the business. He’s pretty upfront, and when he gets frustrated, he vocalizes it. It’s a good thing and sometimes an alarming thing.”
  • “Keanu is really well-read, but he doesn’t think he is. And he’s very intelligent. But he’s sort of a punk rocker, in a way, and has this facade.”
  • “Keanu was very excited. It was the type of project he wanted to do.”
  • (Why he wanted Keanu and River) “They captivated the audience – because of their beauty, but also because of an intensity that came from their past life. You could read it in their eyes – it looked like something had gone on with them.”

River Phoenix, My Own Private Idaho

  • “Keeny, he’s a sweetheart. People don’t understand him. He’s on this earth, he’s a together guy. He’ll rule the world-very smart, indigenous, and very productive.” 

Director, Kenneth Branagh

  • I’ve also seen a truthfulness in Keanu’s work. When I met him, he was someone I admired for his sort of curiosity and enthusiasm.
  • “He’s also a tremendously passionate creature and he cares a great deal. He will do two things [while working]: one, he’ll go along with you. For instance, he would go with my way of working – he rehearsed the way I wanted to rehearse, he learned it in advance the way I wanted him to do so. He would also fight for his own choices of the way he wanted to do it. I remember him wanting an extra take here or there. I was impressed that he was as disciplined as he was. I don’t want to sound too cozy about the whole thing, but I was genuinely impressed by what I thought was a very grown-up individual who was utterly serious about his chosen profession.”
  • “He’s a brave, resilient actor who takes the knocks and the plaudits with equal grace. As a result, he just gets better and better.”
  • “Keanu has an aloof quality, a far-away quality. You can’t quite get close to him, he is somehow unattainable. That makes him very, very attractive. Yet, he seems to display all the qualities one would want: a very sexy, erotic physical being. One sees in his work that he can sometimes be very gentle, he can sometimes be very fierce, he can sometimes be very funny, and yet, he’s got something at the back of the eyes that says, ‘No, I won’t be committing here’. He’ll always be on the bus heading off. And I think there is something tremendously attractive to men and women about that combination of the utterly desirable and the definitely unattainable.”
  • “I love him. He’s a bright lad, much brighter than people think.”
  • “I’d pay money to see Keanu Reeves in leather trousers, and think a lot of other people would as well.”

Stephen Prina,, Los Angeles artist who taught a course on the films Keanu Reeves at Art Center College of Design

  • “People are dismissive of Keanu Reeves because most people don’t take popular culture seriously, but he’s a huge international star who’s been in lots of different kinds of movies and is a highly provocative performer. An art critic I know named Tim Martin recently commented, ‘When Keanu performs, it’s as if he has a foot of Robert Bressonian space around him,’ and he does have a peculiar detachment that doesn’t allow for the kind of psychological relationship you have with a traditional method actor.”

Director Jan De Bont

  • “When I saw Keanu in the few action scenes he had in ‘Point Break,’ I thought this was something he could really be good at. Physically, this is an extremely demanding part and he wasn’t completely convinced he could do it at first, but once he did a few of his own stunts, he loved it — from then on he wanted to be involved in every little thing.”
  • “To me, he’s (Reeves) like Cary Grant in ‘North by Northwest.’ I really think he could be a modern Cary Grant.”
  • “He uses Shakespeare to calm himself.”
  • “It’s kind of weird having an actor sit on a bus reciting Shakespeare in the middle of the freeway.”
  • “On my set he always recited Shakespeare. All of the sudden, he’s seen walking along the freeway, reciting whole sections of the different plays—and I mean loud, really as if an audience were there.”
  • “He’s very serious, very shy, very introverted.”
  • “Keanu is a very underrated actor. From one side, he’s very childlike and innocent like Cary Grant, and from the other side, he’s so strong. Most important are his eyes: You can read emotion in them. There’s nothing going on behind the eyes of most action heroes.”
  • “What makes him stand out is that he dares to let emotions show. He has a vulnerable quality- if you had a daughter, you’d let him take her out. A little old-fashioned, chivalrous. We’ve had enough cartoon-type action heroes.”
  • “I wanted a younger hero. Keanu is a great-looking guy, very sexy and romantic. But I never expected him to be so brave and determined.”

Dennis Hopper, Speed

  • “When I saw Keanu he was totally buff. He had just finished Little Buddha. That character was so emaciated that at times he even looked like a beautiful woman. And in Speed he looks like a bulldog.”
  • He’s always been very serious about his work, and he’s always been very distant…. He has some inner turmoil that he deals with. I don’t know what that is, and I haven’t questioned him, [but] certainly he’s got something there.”
  • “Most of the good actors are introspective. And Keanu’s that way. Of the actors who began with me in films in 1955, 98 percent were gone from the business after three years. … But Keanu has worked his way through that phase… He’s going to stick around.”
  • “Keanu is always very charming. But I think he would be more content if he could get away from people.”

Sandra Bullock, Speed

  • “I was expecting this stud-muffin who was wild… but the Little Keester sits back and listens to everything.”
  • “I think there’s a lot of pain. I would see him go off by himself, and there’s a hint of sadness in his eyes that makes you want to go, ‘What is it?’… But he keeps it to himself, and that makes you want to know even more about him.”
  • “He’s not at all as I thought he’d be. He is very quiet. He knows how to use quietness. There were times when I needed just to talk to someone for a few moments and he would come over and rub my back and ask what was wrong.”
  • Anytime we’d be anywhere, you’d see salivating men and women. They’ll all be like, ‘Oh, my gawd, it’s Keanu Reeves.’ He doesn’t get off on it … he’s got a good balance.”
  • “Anyone who sits next to Keanu gets some of that light by association.”
  • “Keanu Reeves. He’s smart, too. And doesn’t feel the need to let you know it.”
  • “He’s a great kisser.”
  • “He was so great to work with. He didn’t have to be there at five o’clock in the morning for my reversal shot, but he walked out of his trailer and said, “I just waited because I knew you needed me for that scene.” And that’s rare. People go crazy over him, and they have every reason to, because he’s good-looking on the inside, too.”
  • “There are so many beautiful people in this world, and that’s not what gets me. That’s a dime a dozen and it gets old. Then you meet somebody who happens to be blessed that way and is one of the kindest, most respectful people that you’ll ever meet and that’s Keanu. You know, Keanu’s an incredibly funny guy, and he doesn’t think he is. The first thing he ever said to me was “I don’t have a sense of humor.” Progressively, I think we discovered it. He was courteous and kind and void of any ego. He’s like a cat.”
  • “He was the perfect partner to have around when the whole world’s not behind your project. He has a very soothing effect on people.”
  • “One minute you wanted to punch him because he was so blatantly honest, the next you wanted to throw your arms around him.”
  • “The thing I think most people don’t know about Keanu, the thing I admire most about Keanu is he is so incredibly honest.”
  • “I adore the guy, I adore where he comes from, and that is a place where honesty and decency mean everything. When I met him, I though at first that I was driving him crazy because I tend to talk nonstop, and he rarely talks until he’s thought things out. I figured he thought I was a flake, but when he spoke, he spoke to me honestly. I felt a real kinship with him.”
  • “I get to kiss Keanu Reeves for crying out loud! I’ll be the envy of every woman from six to 60!”

Director Bernardo Bertolucci

  • “He was shy and not too articulate, and he blushed a bit and occasionally burst into nervous laughter. He was adorable and I was very taken, and within five minutes I’d decided to go with him.”
  • “… I’m enchanted with what he came up with — he seems as though he’s not touching the ground when he walks in the film. Keanu has an innocence I felt was crucial to the role of Siddhartha — his innocence is on his face and it goes to the core of his personality, and that’s why I cast him.”

Anka Radakovich, author of the widely quoted “Sex” column for Details

  • “I think his appeal is that he’s … unthreatening. He’s soft-looking rather than controlling and macho.”

Kim France, editor Elle

  • “He’s like a lost puppy who needs caring. … He has that warm, unthreatening quality.”

Sofia Coppola

  • “He’s like a really sweet, kind person, and I wouldn’t say that about many people in this town. He has his own group of friends, and he’s not a scenester. He’s a cool guy. He keeps his distance from all the bullshit. … He’s smart, too. People don’t give him credit. He’s definitely not like Ted. But he sounds like him sometimes.”

Costar Dina Meyer from Johnny Mnemonic

  • “He’s a very intense person. I find him to be extremely cerebral. A lot of the times he seems to be in his own world. Not like he’s out of it — he’s always concentrating.”

Director, Alfono Arau

  • “It was obvious, Keanu was the only actor who had the innocence I was looking for, in addition to being a very charismatic, handsome and devoted actor. To my mind, this was a role in the tradition of Gary Cooper and Henry Fonda. He has an understated quality that’s natural to him.”
  • “He is like a man-child.”
  • “He plays a very supportive, understanding man. He’s a star. He has that open, innocent quality that Henry Fonda, James Stewart and Gary Cooper had.”

Anthony Quinn, A Walk in the Clouds

  • “I love Keanu. He is an original.”

Director, Lewis Baumander

  • “One of the things that people are not banking on here is Keanu’s integrity – on two fronts. One, he made a promise and he’ll honor that promise. And secondly, Keanu is not and never has been money motivated. So the issue is not other money or movies. He wants to do Hamlet. And he follows his heart. The money will be there later – if he wants it.”
  • “One identifying feature that makes Keanu unique is that he does not seem to have an ability to be false. He can’t just chit-chat or make small talk, or hide what he’s really feeling.”

Roger Lewis, critic on Hamlet

  • He was wonderful. He quite embodied the innocence, the splendid fury, the animal grace of the leaps and bounds, the emotional violence, that form the Prince of Denmark.”
  • “Keanu — who is himself facing a challange, taking a risk — would make a good King of Denmark, because he has re-discovered the splendour of heroism, its Camelot quality; which is how he transfigured Speed, giving it extra spin and nuance.”
  • “None of this behaviour is sulky, tantrumy, make no mistake about that, for he has a great and unfeigned tenderness; it is more that, like Hamlet, he has a world within himself.”
  • “He is one of the top three Hamlets I have seen, for a simple reason; he *is* Hamlet, and he has been a lonely a resourceful type, who won’t submit, in film after film. He is full of undercurrents and overtones, which is why the world’s big directors want to work with him.”
  • “But his physique is just the first thing which sets him apart. What counts is the impression we get of a nature that is turbulent and proud — though he can exude calm and courtliness — and that he has a gift given to few; like Garbo, he is an actor who can register — simultaneously — both pleasure and pain.”

Cameron Diaz, Feeling Minnesota

  • “Keanu *is* eccentric. I’ve never met anyone like him, ever. Maybe he’s one of those people who should never have been put in the position that he’s been put in. He’s very, very quiet. He’s not a sound bite celebrity, he just doesn’t have anything to say to the public. He’s highly intelligent, very well read and he always has an interesting take on things. It’s not often you get to be in the company of someone like that. He has such an unusual energy.”

Director, Taylor Hackford

  • “Here (Devil’s Advocate) he appears as a young man who never had doubts about what he wanted, who’s succeeded in life by trying hard and not wondering what else may have contributed to his success. I think Keanu has done a terrific job of bringing that kind of competitive, non-reflective, All-American guy to the screen. In the 1940’s and 1950’s, if you were looking for a male actor who could be sexy, sophisticated, articulate, and stand up and play a real man, you could choose fifteen or twenty. Now, it’s different. Keanu has worked his *** off on this film. He went after it in a very real way. And there’s a certain mystery to him.”
  • “He prepares incredibly.”
  • “The studio’s desires and mine are somewhat different.”  “I’m looking for someone who can play this role; the studio is saying, ‘He’s box office, let’s pay him a lot of money and hope it works.’ Al and I both said at first that we didn’t know if the kid could do it. Now we both say we can’t think of anybody else who could do this role.”
  • “He was a very credible Buddha, and that ain’t easy.”
  • “He had a cast on his leg and he was a little bit overweight. I told him how much he was going to have to prepare himself mentally and physically for this part because he has to carry a $[US]57 million dollar movie from beginning to end. He looked me in the eye and said, ‘I like the script and I want to do it.’ I asked him why he didn’t want to do Speed 2 – for which he would have been paid an astronomical sum – and he said, ‘I didn’t like the script and I don’t want to keep pursuing action dramas. I want to prove that I’m an actor.’ Now, when someone tells me this, it means that they’re committed and that they have something to prove. If he fails, he’ll fall flat on his face because everybody out there will end up saying, ‘Keanu can’t act.’ And I know how much he can act.”

Charlize Theron, Devil’s Advocate

  • “Anything naked with Keanu Reeves is a good thing.”
  • “Keanu is a very underrated actor. His work is just phenomenal. I met him and I remember looking away and wondering, ‘My God, he’s got it all back there.’ I mean, just look into this guy’s eyes and it’s a wonderland of experiences. I think he’s amazing, and not a lot of people know it.”
  • “Keanu’s really funny and very, very comfortable with his body. That made it so much easier for me when we had to do these really intense love scenes. Once, when I was completely naked and he still had his whole wardrobe on, we were trying to figure out how he’d get out of his clothes. He just got up and said, ‘Isn’t it funny when you’re making love to your wife, and she’s naked, and you’re still in your pants?’ And he started kicking them off. It was like he was on the stage of the Comedy Store.”
  • “Keanu is so comfortable with his body that you don’t feel uncomfortable being naked with him. At one point, Keanu told me to pull his pants down. It wasn’t in the script, but they kept his butt shot in the movie.”

Al Pacino, Devil’s Advocate

  • “I thought the kid was first brought in for his juice [studio talk for box-office appeal], but after working with Keanu, I believe he’s got what it takes, and in some scenes in particular, you really see him come across. Now he owns the role.”
  • “Keanu is an intense actor. He works hard on his part and is devoted to it and I admired him for that.”

Directors, Lana and Andy Wachowski

  • “We sat around discussing the philosophy and the metaphors of the script. We knew it would take a maniacal commitment from someone, and Keanu was our maniac.”

Director, Lana Wachowski

  • “Keanu brought complete and utter 100-per-cent dedication, the likes of which we’ve never seen. He made a maniacal effort. This guy trained for months and months. He put himself through insane torture. By the end of the movie he had physically lost four inches off his waist. I can’t stop singing his praises.”

Laurence Fishburne, The Matrix

  • “Keanu is unlike anyone I have ever met; he’s a deeply sensitive, keenly intelligent guy. He completely dedicated his life to Neo during the making of these films, and it’s been a real joy to walk through this whole amazing experience with him.” 

Carrie-Anne Moss, The Matrix

  • “You know, there’s not one bit of movie-star ego in that guy…He’s incredibly focused and incredibly disciplined, and I mean unlike anyone I’ve ever met.”
  • “I love him, I adore him and he is such a great guy and a great human being. He’s special. It’s hard to explain someone, especially someone like him because he is beyond words.”
  • “When Neo is in the first Matrix being shot at, and the bullets are coming towards him, he puts his hand up and he has this look in his eye that is so Keanu, like, ‘No more.’ If there is something happening in the world that isn’t right, you can see that it hurts his heart. Even a simple injustice of someone not being treated right. You know I can understand why he has played the kind of roles that he’s played.”
  • I love Keanu, I adore him and he is such a great guy and a great human being. He’s special. It’s hard to explain someone, especially someone like him because he is beyond words. He is such an interesting and lovely person. He is kind beyond kind, generous beyond generous. He really supported me to play her; he really was my partner in this dance, in this movie, and our friendship developed over the course of these years and it really moves me.”

Director, Howard Deutch

  • “No matter what the disagreement, he’d go the distance to make sure that what he was doing was truthful. He doesn’t take the easy way out. He makes courageous choices.”

Director, Sam Rami

  • “He’s really a dedicated craftsman who’s most relentless on himself until he gets it right. He has a severe intensity. After a take, he’d step outside and you’d hear him just cursing himself. Just shouting, loudly, at himself.”
  • “I just thought he was that kid from [Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure], but he turned out to be this very intelligent young man, very dedicated to the craft of acting….And then he slipped into the part, in little bits and pieces, and suddenly I saw, in that moment, that Donnie Barksdale could be this sexual animal also. And that became a very new and exciting idea to me.”

Diane Lane, Hardball

  • “He’s the most beautiful man that walks, if you ask me.”

Jada Pinkett Smith, The Matrix Reloaded

  • “I didn’t want to go to Japan. So he said, ‘Listen I’m going to make sure you have a good time.’ He took me around to these beautiful temples, and to a popular shopping area. We’re just hanging, and he says, ‘I need to get a wedding gift for Laurence (Fishburne) and his wife, maybe an antique teapot.’ So we stop in at this place. Within seconds, thousands of people descended on us. Now, my husband is Will Smith. Let’s just get that straight. My husband happens to be one of the biggest entertainers in the world, and I’ve never seen such madness. Everywhere we went I started to see the fever bubble. In Japan, he is God.”
  • “He’s sensitive. He knows when to speak to you and when not to speak to you. And he makes it clear when he wants to be spoken to and when not to be spoken to. And that doesn’t have anything to do with being mean. He’s a very internal person. He’s a quiet person. He doesn’t like a lot of riff-raff around him.”

Director, Nancy Meyer

  • “The cool thing about him is, he comes to YOUR party. He has no entourage. He waits in line for his food. He does the work on YOUR movie. And Keanu also saw it (SGG) as an opportunity, and I will forever be grateful to that guy. He gives the movie so much, I think. Really perfect casting.”

Diane Keaton, Something’s Gotta Give

  • “Keanu Reeves – what a doll. Here’s this guy, who’s like a god to so many people, who’s such a well-raised, respectful gentleman.”

Director, Richard Linklater

  • “There’s a beautiful innocence about him, a direct line or empathy that the audience picks up. He feels things deeply and conveys them without saying anything or even displaying them in his face. I think when he looks in the mirror he doesn’t see a leading man or even a good-looking guy. At different times, he may see a hobo or a guy in an alley, snuffling through life with no food in the refrigerator.”
  • “He’s this autodidact, student for life kind of guy. That’s my favorite kind.”
  • “The film world attracts people who are looking for an alternate universe, some transcendence from themselves. You have to be able to laugh at life and the darker ironies there’s a slightly fatalistic, ‘Oh, we’re fucked’ humor in it and Keanu certainly did.”

Director, Mike Mills

  • “He never, with words or anything else, said ‘I’m special or different’ and never asked for anything special.”

Director, Frances Lawrence

  • “My wife and I were eating dinner in the dining room, and he came stumbling in, with this thing in his hand. I go, ‘What are you doing?’ He says, ‘Oh nothing, I just got off work. Going to make a steak.’ And he just heads off into the kitchen.”

Djimon Hounsou, Constantine

  • “Working with him first-hand, it’s a nice surprise because I realize he’s a very talented man. He’s so anal about his work. The guy has received some criticism, but working with him, I have a great affinity for the kind of generosity he has.”
  • “He is definately a very simple man, and maybe a little misunderstood. He’s just reclusive and very private.”

Shia LaBeouf, Constantine

  • “We were in a secluded-*** alley, we showed up at six in the morning, no one’s there. Eleven o’clock no one’s there. Three, four, five o’clock—one guy looks out a window and goes, “OH MY GOD!” Within thirty minutes, there were sixty people in the ****ing alley. This was in downtown Los Angeles, a really broke down, crackhouse looking thing, and he was signing autographs for everybody in the building. We shut down the set until he finished. I mean I know why he’s still working. He respects his fans immensely.”

Robin Johnson, publicist at Second City Comedy Club, Chicago, 2005

  • “He was with an unidentified lady. It looked like a date. He was so super-sweet. Everybody just fell in love with him. He came in and bought tickets that day like everyone else.”

Cuba Goodling, Jr., On best Hollywood hockey player

  • “I’m going to have to say Keanu Reeves as a goaltender, because he’s a pretty good goalie, one of the best goalies I’ve ever seen. He’s stacking the pads, riding across, giving you the corner and then taking it away with the glove hand. He’s really quick and really good.”

Robert Maxwell, photographer

  • “What I like about Keanu is the sense of shyness about him.You’d expect more of a cocky, suave [guy] since he’s such a sex symbol. But he was very simple. I tend to wing every shoot, and I found him just sitting there a thousand times more interesting.”

Erwin Stoff

  • “Here’s the thing: Keanu looked at Bill & Ted as much as an actor’s creation as he did My Own Private Idaho. It’s just that one was ridiculously successful and created this whole iconic thing. Because he was really ill at ease with the press, it became a real hook for people to say, ‘Oh, that’s who he is, he’s Ted.'”
  • He has never worked for the cash.” “He says, ‘I want to do a good movie, and whatever form that comes in, it comes in.’ “
  • (On Speed 2) “I’ll be honest – I disagreed,” Stoff admits. “I thought, How can you turn this down? People said he was flaky, he wasn’t living up to his responsibility, he didn’t want to go to the gym, he wanted to go out on the road with his band – it was all bullshit. He read a script, and thought it was a crappy script. He said, ‘The movie’s called Speed – how fast does a cruise liner move, anyway?”‘

Keith Mayerson, South California Artist, series of watercolors “Keanu Sightings”

  • “He assumes the masculine role in films, but it’s not an aggressive masculinity, like Clint Eastwood’s. He’s always passive, like in Speed where he runs around catching balls other people throw at him.”
  • “If your girlfriend really likes Keanu, it’s threatening, not because he’s better-looking but because he represents a way of being a man you don’t want to admit. He subverts the patriarchy.”

Kim Reeves

  • “When the pain got bad, he used to hold my hand and keep the bad man from making me dance. He was there all the time, even when he was away.”

 Rachel Weisz, Chain Reaction

  • “He’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. He’s extraordinary. People think he’s forever on a motorbike with all these teenage girls in pursuit, but he’s nothing like that. He’s very profound.”
  • “He’s also brilliant at his craft. To play this physicist he put on lots of weight and grew his hair long and became incredibly unglamorous. He didn’t go to the gym to work out once, which must have been tough for him. When you’re fit you don’t want to lose it.”

Director and Writer, Steven Baigelman (Feeling Minnestoa)

  • “There were days when that kind of thing would piss me off. He wears his pain on his sleeve, no question. Nobody stands in Keanu’s way more than Keanu.”