Quotes by Keanu: 1996 – 1998

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Robinson, S., It’s Hard For Me To Be Faithful To Just One Woman., Cambio16 (SP), Jan 1996

  • (On what women see in him) “Sincerity, passion and understanding. I’m open about things from the first moment. I tell them I’m still not ready for marriage, that it’s hard for me to be faithful to only one woman. I let them know what I have to give physically and emotionally. I listen to them. I don’t think they’ve got any reason to complain.”

Author Unknow, Straight Talker., TV Week (AUS), Apr 1996

  • (On the most important thing in being a father) “To be around for your child and not be a stranger. If you plan to be a parent you have to be willing to be committed. Children take priority in your life, or at least they should.”

Snead, E., Movies’ Mystery Man: Quizzing Reeves. USA Today (US), July 1996

  • (On why the Ted identity stuck) “I’ve got fairly expressive mannerisms, and sometimes my vernacular is kinda wacky.”
  • (On living in hotels) “Your bed gets made and your room gets clean. I miss my books, some of my belongings that are in storage.”

Szymanski, M., The Mr. Showbiz Interview. Mr. Showbiz (US), June  1997

  • (On getting his Porche) “I got it mostly so I could relax after the accident. Sometimes, you know, you have friends and they don’t want to ride, or it’s raining, and I play sports and you have to lug your equipment and you want to bring stuff somewhere. I’m tired, I’m an old man now, so now I have a car to rest.”

Neville, K., Q & A with Keanu Reeves. E! Online (US), June 1997

  • “You know, some people like what I do, some don’t. There’s not really much I can do about it. I’m trying, you know? I’m not the best actor in the world; I know that. But I’m trying. That doesn’t mean anything, I guess–just to try. “

Stevenson, J., Reeves Ready to rock on Home Turf, Toronto Sun (CA), July 1997

  • “I don’t have an acting job right now. I’m reading scripts and looking for work for the fall and, you know, just kind making it up as I go along. But wherever I am, I apply myself to what’s happening.”

Ross, M. Keanu Reeves, Hello! (UK), Aug 1997

  • (When asked if he wanted a family and commitment) “It depends on the day. Right now, I don’t want any kids. But who knows?”

Hilburn, R. There’s More to Dogstar Than It’s Marquee Value, Los Angeles Times (US), Aug 1997

  • (On acting vs. music) “On one hand the experiences are completely different, but they have a similarity at the end . . . certain things get created and there’s a point where you lose yourself in the moment . . . a sense of community with the audience . . . a joy.”

Kaplan, J. Why Keanu Reeves Won’t Sell His Soul, Premiere (US) Sept 1997

  • “To unwind, I, you know, battle with my computer. That sounds crazy. Unwinding playing chess.”
  • (on acting) “Your acting journey is a personal journey. It’s a creative act, and it’s a searching act. You just search for what’s inside, try and set up situations where the unexpected can come out.”

Hobson, L.B., Crazy Like a Fox, The Calgary Sun (CA), Oct 1997

  • (On Dogstar) “You’re so close to your audience. You have the sense they’re scrutinizing your eyebrows. That exhilarates you. It makes you give everything you have in you. On our tour this summer, we played in venues where Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin had played. You could feel their ghosts. I’ve never gotten that on a movie set.”
  • “I’ve always been a bit reckless. The more physical acting gets, the more comfortable I feel. I love the danger in doing stunts and physical stuff in films.”
  • “When I heard that Al Pacino was going to play the Devil, I got light-headed and my blood tingled.

Weaver, J., Dark Star, The Express on Sunday Magazine (UK), Dec 1997

  • “I’m floating through life because I don’t have the answers. Every day is a struggle to find the kind of clarity and wisdom I’m seeking. The more I see of the world and the more people I meet, the less certain I become about who I am and what sense there is to life.”
  • I’ve never really thought about a home at all. I feel it that’s a trap. I won’t feel at home anywhere until I reach the stage where I know what a home should be like.”
  • ‘It’s just that I feel embarrassed if I’m walking down the street and suddenly about five or six girls surround me and ask me for my autograph. Inside I still feel like this high school drop out who hasn’t achieved much with his life.”
  • “I want to find a soulmate,” he says in a sad voice. “At night and sometimes in the day I get that ache. The ache that goes I want a nest, I want a wife. I would love to imagine myself in harmony with a woman who I could look in the eyes and know I could devote myself to, without wishing I were somewhere else, or that I could meet my own expectations and not feel like such a geek.”
  • “I look for some kind of inner drama or turmoil that my character needs to experience,” he says. “That’s what makes the work interesting for me. I like to plunge into the abyss and see what I can find. I don’t feel heroic in my own life, so it doesn’t interest me to play those kind of men in my movies.”
  • (On Harry, The Last time I Committed Suicide) “I was overweight, seedy, sweaty and greasy and I loved it. “It’s fun as an actor to not have vanity.”
  • Life isn’t a bowl of cherries and I don’t consider myself a happy person.”

Ritzer, B., Keanu Reves Devislishly Good, For Women Magazine (UK), Jan 1998

  • (On marrying and having children) “I went through a phase last year, but I’m over it. I’m sure it’s something that’ll keep coming around, but I’m kind of over it right now.”
  • (On whether he believes in the devil) “Different cultures have their own gods and their own devils. I’ll say this: Anyone who practices any kind of focus in their lives – whether mental or spiritual – will bring about their own gods and devils. Different cultures have their own gods and their own devils. I’ll say this: Anyone who practices any kind of focus in their lives – whether mental or spiritual – will bring about their own gods and devils.”
  • (On his butt on the big screen) “Shocking. God, I almost brought up my lunch. Oh my God, that’s just embarrassing!”
  • <li>(On his bikes and crashes) “My two Norton motorcycles are my prized possessions. I could never think of not riding them again. I don’t know if I’m getting better at riding them but I definitely know I’m getting better at crashing!”</li>
  • (on hockey) “I was pretty shy as a child. I didn’t feel confident unless I was on the ice. Because I had trouble reading, I wasn’t a good student. I didn’t finish high school. I did a lot of pretending as a child. It was my way of coping. When I was 15, I started doing some acting and I got hooked because it was like hockey in that it allowed me to be somebody different.”
  • (On critics) “You know, some people like what I do, some don’t. There’s not really much I can do about it. I’m trying, you know? I’m not the best actor in the world, I know that. But I’m trying. That doesn’t mean anything, I guess – just to try.”

Moline, K., Devil in Disguise, Cleo (Aus), Jan 1998

  • (On Bill & Ted) “The comedy in Bill & Ted was really sharp. I felt like I was doing Shakespeare sometimes – they were really silly lines, but you have to have the same nuance and breadth and emotion in those lines, or they wouldn’t communicate at all.”

Dudman, G., Scaredy-cat Hero!, Eva (UK), May 1998

  • “I’m a coward who’s frightened of falling in love. Isn’t everybody? Once in a while I think it’s time to have a child. Hopefully I’d be a nurturing, positive presence in my kids’ lives.”
  • “The dark really freaks me out. It’s got nothing to do with claustrophobia, I just hate not being able to see anything around me.”
  • “I love riding bikes fast. Time goes slower when you’re moving at around 130mph.”
  • “I’m just a normal guy who likes to drink and hang out with friends and play in my band. I’m a very private person. I find it difficult that I can’t walk down the street without being approached.”
  • “The sole purpose of my life isn’t to earn money, but I do like what it buys. It gives me a certain amount of freedom and allows me to travel. I can also buy vintage Bordeaux wine.”
  • “Home’s where my couch is.”
  • “I’d be lost without my jeans and T-shirts. It means I can do everything I want to do and not worry if they get ruined.”
  • “I think Shakespeare’s very relaxing when you read it out loud – it goes into my brain and into my heart.”

Gray, M., All about Reeves, Evening Standard (UK). June 1998

  • “I think my throwing-up scene is the best on celluloid.”
  • (On TLTICS) ‘If I could find gloriously offbeat and talky small-budget films as well written as this one I would do them all the time. I want to do good movies and whatever form that comes in, it comes in. My acting journey is my personal journey.’
  • ‘I don’t want to be a superstar like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. I’m more interested in variety than stardom.’