Additional Articles

The Sun, another tabloid, has a post up that that regurgitates old news. There are other photos from the series posted with the article. There appears to be someone who was not on the plane that was waiting to greet Carrie-Anne.

I am seeing a lot of Euopean media outlets doing riffs on old article that are accompanying the new photos. The story has been out over 24 hr. but the USA outlets are backing off of it. Further the photos were posted on June 21. Why the delay?

OCHI Gallery was so proud to be sponsoring her for Marfa, they completely scrubbed her off of their site. I reported that here. Maybe they really did kick her to the curb. Maybe she is trying to find a German gallery to sponsor her. Having a lot of articles, even if they are BS, appearing in a bunch of European media outlets may help her achieve this. Sound familiar?

Update: The Mirror has a post up with photos. Not particularly interested in going back to see what photos are in the other articles but there is one in this article that has a man in it bundled up with a heavy scarf.

Update 2: TMZ is the first USA gossip rag to run with it.