Aleks Paunovic on Radio Show Tonight – Update X2!

Many thanks to ontherocksonair for sharing a photo and information on instagram. Actor Aleks Paunovic will be the guest tonight and he will be talking about his new films with Liam Neeson and Keanu Reeves (Siberia) as well as past works.

For anyone who is interested, the site is here. There is a ‘Watch’ and ‘Listen Now’ button in the top menu bar but it is not clear if they are active and there is no way to test it until the show actually show.

Episodes can also be viewed on iTunes, iheartradio and youtube afterwards.

Update: The show was streamed live on youtube last night and I watched the first hour and 14 min before my computer froze up. I didn’t know much about Aleks Paunovic going in but I found him very engaging and personable. He talked about working with Anthony Hopkins and how he approached acting, fans and a few other things before my computer froze. At some point in the show the host was supposed to ask him questions that his fans sent in and I’m also assuming the host was going to get to Siberia and Keanu at some point. The episode is currently not available on youtube and also hasn’t been uploaded to itunes yet. I’m interested in watching the rest of the show so I’ll update as soon as it is posted.

Update X2: The latest episode has been uploaded to iTunes and to iheartradio. Links are above.