Alice Eve on Replicas and Keanu

Link via google alert and many thanks to SC for the reminder.

Inquisitr has posted their interview with Alice Eve for her role in Iron Fist. Towards the end of the interview she was asked about Replicas and working with Keanu. Her responses are below.

KT: How about your role in ‘Replicas’ with Keanu Reeves?

AE: You know, ‘Replicas’ is a really interesting story about the way we’re moving in science and the cloning conversation. You know, we’re at a very interesting point in human history where we’re kind of facing playing God, and, in the film, Keanu faces playing God and has to deal with the difficulties therein, you know? God doesn’t have an easy time of it, it turns out.

KT: Right, and can you recreate a person just by recreating their likeness?

AE: Exactly, and can you do it without guilt, and what happens to your feelings and your shame and are they the same and is it your own mind and is it or is it them? It’s a very interesting, kind of endless subject that can be explored, and I think they do it really well in ‘Replicas.’ I, for one, loved working with Keanu the King. King Keanu.