Another Photo and Video from NYC – Update!

Many thanks to snow charlie for sharing another photo and video of Keanu on instagram. Photo and video were posted this morning. In the video Keanu said hello to snow.charlie’s girl. His coments are below.  Video is in the site twitter feed. Photo and screen caps are below.

Here he is again. I cant believe it. Mr. Keanu Reeves. WOW. Again had a quick chat and let him have his smoke and coffee. He made another video to say hi to my love. Hes working in the same area as I am. Hes great. Coolest guy ever.

Hes training. Just taking a break. Awesome guy

Keanu Reeves saying hello to my girl. Great guy. Down to earth. Thanks again Mr Reeves.

Update: For those who don’t speak English, here is the transcript of what Keanu said on the video. You can plug it into your favorite translator.

“Good morning Gabby(?). Keanu here. I’m having a nice day. I wish you all my best.”