AR HoloLens Style Device

Adario Strange has a post up at Next Reality that discusses Replicas and the use of the AR HoloLens style device in the film.A few quotes are below.

Occasionally, a not-so-great movie also does something so right that you have to forgive some of its sins and give it a little love. Such is the case with the latest movie from Keanu Reeves, Replicas, which takes a HoloLens-style device and gives us a look at how that kind of augmented reality device might be used in future research labs, sort of.

…the world of real science and technology often draws inspiration from science fiction, so it’s possible that some real world researchers may get a look at this film and think, “Hmm, maybe it’s time to actually give the HoloLens a look?” Sure, this is already happening for some in various fields, but such devices are far from ubiquitous. So in that respect, Replicas, despite its flaws, may inadvertently be a great advertisement for high-end AR.