Arch Shoot? – Update!

Many thanks to Glen Bolding for sharing five photos on FB. Keanu is in four of the photos. The Arch van is there and in one of the photos there are screens indicating some type of shoot may be going on. Photo was posted yesterday. Down in the comments, someone mentioned that one of the crew stopped in at Raven’s Nest Cafe for a latte. Raven’s Nest Cafe FB page indicated that they are now fully open.

Update: Many thanks to Ron Griffith for sharing a photo of Keanu on FB and to Keanuital for tweeting the link. The photo was taken yesterday and the following was posted with the photo:

Keanu Reeves bought me lunch today! And I didn’t even know he did. Thanks man!

Further down in the comments, he posted the following:

He was using the taxiway riding his motorcycle. Didn’t know it was him. I had my generator running and they were doing sound bites. He asked the airport manager to call me and asked if they bought lunch would I shut down the generator. So no biggie.