Ballerina News?

ComicBook has a post up with updates on the John Wick offshoot, Ballerina. The information came from Daniel Richtman’s blog. You have to pay to see the article so I have no way to access the credibility of the info. That being said, highlights are below.

The article also suggests that Grace Moretz is being considered for the role of Rooney Brown and Anjelica Huston and Keanu are on the casting list as cameo roles. Rooney Brown is the assassin that grew up in The Director’s school/organization. The villain is Mayor Elias Muller who leads the town of assassins in Sunnyvale. The film is slated to start filming later this year. You can read the article at the link for more details.

Note: If I find anything else that either confirms or denies the info, I’ll update.