Behind the Scene Photos from the Ad Shoot

ADWeek has a post up on the making of the Super Bowl ad. There are three photos as well as a clip of Squarespace folks talking about working with Keanu. Regardless of the fact that there was a photo on instagram from Keanu’s “stunt double” for this shoot, the article is saying Keanu did it. Some highlights are below.

“Most people would probably have a stunt double do this, or superimpose his face onto a stunt double to try and make it look real,” David Lee, chief creative officer at Squarespace, said. “I think it was all our opinion that in order for this to look genuine, he would need to do the stunt himself.”

Lee added that “most people don’t know” about Reeves’ sense of humor because he’s “so reserved and he’s not out there in the public.” “He is probably the most humble person with a pretty sharp sense of humor,” Lee said.

“That wasn’t scripted at all,” Lee said of the howling. “That was [the result of] him in a preproduction meeting saying, ‘What if I did this?’ We kind of looked at him and said…’So you’re good with this?’ And he just belted it out right there in the preproduction meeting.”