Cheryl Has Spoken

There has been some action with respect to the ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ today.

OK! USA has printed a totally false and tacky article on the supposed engagement we all know to be false. I won’t link to that trash, so you are on your own with respect to it. Screen caps of the OK! USA article have been added below.

Gossip Cop followed up with their own comments on the article making sure they included the tacky comments. They reached out to Keanu’s representative and reported the following:

…when Gossip Cop checked in with Reeves’ official spokesperson for comment, and not only were told that not only was the story not true, but OK! had also reached out for a comment. In response to the article, the spokesperson told the tabloid, “Your story is completely false and has no basis in any truth. This is completely fabricated for your own financial gain. If you publish anything else as our comment, then any such statement will be false and we will take appropriate action.”

At the bottom of the article, Gossip Cop lists their source as Cheryl Maisel (screen cap below). Not only has Cheryl deemed the claims as completely false, I interpret the further appropriate action she referred to as legal action.

Note: Cheryl said the entire story was false not just bits of it. Gossip Cop writers are trying to say that Chery’s statement only pertains to the engagement – that is false. As a result of Cheryl’s statement, OK! USA took down the digital article. Gossip Cop writers are assuming fans are stupid and won’t bother to track down the article to see what it actually said. In the screen caps of the original article below, the various claims that were made are underlined and via Cheryl they are all false.