Cover of Trendy Art of Living – Update!

Many thanks to the Trendy Art of Living for sharing a photo of  Keanu on the current issue of their magazine on instagram. They also included a short clip of page flipping in the magazine on instagram. On their FB page (scroll down), they included a clip detailing the reasons why they chose Keanu. Unfortunately, the clip rehashes all of the heart break in Keanu’s life. Not clear if that’s all they wrote about or if the article focuses on other areas. The magazine is in Polish and subscription info is here.

Note: Here is another link to the video on their FB page.

Update: Many thanks to @ViktoriaBlythe for sharing the following on twitter:

I already have this mag, but I must admit that the article about Keanu isn’t fully accurate and it contains some not actual information. To tell the truth, they should have checked things in the reliable sources before they decided to write anything.