Destination Wedding and DuBost Vineyard & Winery

Many thanks to L for the link!

The Tribune has a post up on DuBost Vineyard & Winery which was the primary location for the Destination Wedding shoot. According to the article, they filmed there for five days and shot scenes in the tasting room and the vineyards (cougar scene). The wedding ceremony was filmed on the hill that has hosted private weddings in the past and the rehearsal dinner was filmed on the ‘crush’ pad.

Curt Dubost said the following about Keanu after wrapping up the shoot at 4 a.m.:

“They finish up and everyone is dead tired. Keanu went around the winery and found every single extra, introduced himself and thanked them for being a part of the whole experience.”

Dubost shared the following about Keanu following lunch on another occasion:

“He left, ostensibly to have a cigarette, but instead went and found our trash can and picked up everyone’s trash.”

You can read the entire article at the link.