Destination Wedding Has USA & German Distributors

Screen Daily has a post  up on the EFM that includes a mention of Destination Wedding. The following was said:

Godfrey, whose company is highly active and took the unusual step of fully financing Keanu Reeves/Winona Ryder romantic comedy drama Destination Wedding without any presales in place (Aviron Pictures will release in English-speaking territories), adds: “One of the challenges for sales agents is to see what market-ready product is out there. As an industry, we have to evolve. As a sales agent, you have to feel really confident about your film and be able to follow through.” Bolding is mine.

IMDb also lists Aviron Pictures as the USA distributor. The film is slated for a theatrical release but it is not known at this time how wide it will be. Ascot Elite Entertainment will distribute the film in Germany.