Hmm, Is Someone Playing Games? – Update!

Are things really as they seem or is someone playing games? Let’s look at what appeared and when, when things disappeared, who is following who on instagram, and other photographic evidence.

When was the ride made known?

  • Arch posted on IG on Friday that they were looking forward to a weekend ride.

When did evidence of the ride appear?

  • Nabilgerges24 posted his selfie with Keanu yesterday on instagram. When I went and looked at the comments late Monday afternoon, the selfie had been posted for 13 hr but the comments had appeared in the last hour, indicating a significant time lapse.
  • He made several comments of interest. First, he ask about the hat Keanu was wearing and admitted to not knowing about Arch Motorcycle. Second, he said, ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ was with him (hold that thought, I will come back to it). Both Arch Motorcycle and what’s her face have had plenty of press, so it was odd that he knew about one but not the other.
  • After being asked about both by many, the above mentioned comments were deleted. Also he was asked for a photo including what’s her face (hold that thought, I will come back to it).

What other evidence of the ride appeared?

  • There were other selfies that appeared in the IG stories of erenyalfred and nadersalib (cropped photo is below, notice the helmet), respectively here and here. Note, nadersalib removed his photo.

What other interesting comments appeared yesterday?

  • Fom whitewitch_777’s post on instagram, one of persons on the beach claims they didn’t take a photo of ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ because she was changing her clothes – we will come back to this.

What appeared today?

  • Today, more that 24 hr later, Nabilgerges24 posted a photo that included ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ on his IG story and then removed it after an hour or so. You can view it here (I’ll come back to specific areas). Convenient, don’t you think?

How about those boots?

  • In the photo with ole what’s her face, you can see boots on the ground near a motorcycle that Nabilgerges24 is standing near. Cropped photo is below.
  • Focus on those boots. They are too small to be Keanu’s and he wouldn’t leave them by a bike that is not his. For anyone who hasn’t seen size 13 shoes/boots, they are huge.
  • Look at this photo of Nabilgerges24 from instagram and notice his boots. Cropped photo below. The boots in the the cropped photo are from Nov 2019. They look similar to the boots next to the motorcycle.

Notice anything about ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’?

  • Look at her clothes. For starters, she’s not dressed for the beach. If anything, she is dressed to the nines, clip on bangs, jewelry – the whole nine yards. How many woman do you know that get that dressed up to ride a bike? How many woman do you know that go to the beach to take a dip and drag a whole out fit, jewelry, etc. to change into on the beach?
  • Look at her hair. Does it look all sweaty from wearing a helmet? Does it look wet from being in the water?
  • Does she look like she is naturally standing there? Looks like she is posing, but what do I know.
  • Look at that smug look on her face – same smug look we see when she poses for the paps.
  • Take a look at the photo in this article from back in January of 2018 when she is out in her sweats – same smug look. And why would the paps know who she is or give enough of a rat’s ass to stalk her back in 2018? Because the author of the article, Cheyenne Roundtree, is a muck rack hack and was most likely fed the story by ole what’s her face.

Where are they?

  • There are multiple photos of Keanu et al. stopping at The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu. Behind the restaurant, you can see the cliff and the houses on it.
  • The parking lot they are in also looks like the parking lot that is behind The Sunset and extends down aways. Note the operative words are LOOKS LIKE.

Was She Invited?

  • He looks happy and when he is around her, he looks bored or like he wants to puke so who knows.

How is everyone connected?

  • A specific minion follows Nabilgerges24.
  • The minions have been rumbling for several days now that there would be an appearance. Sound familiar? It should. There have been rumblings about appearances before by the minions. Does the TMZ fiasco in San Francisco ring any bells?

Things to ponder:

  • ‘She-who-shall-not-be-named’ knew the chances would be good that the Arch gang would stop at The Sunset.
  • It is possible that one of the male beach goers was a pap but a pap should have known about Arch so this is unlikely.
  • She MAY have shown up uninvited and saw Nabilgerges24 and alerted him that Keanu would be there and made arrangements with him to get a photo that included her. That would explain why Nabilgerges24 knew who she was by name but didn’t knew anything about Arch.
  • All the time lapses in conjunction with how the photos appeared and disappeared also smack of coordination between Nabilgerges24 and someone else. Nabilgerges24 was reposting everyone who reposted his IG photo in his story feed and he made sure to use a hashtag. He was aiming for maximum attention. If he had the photo that included ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’, why didn’t he post it earlier? Why did he wait and only leave it up for a short time before pulling it?
  • She is far back in the photo and her body posture and language looks like she is posing. It almost looks like she snuck in and was hoping not to be noticed by the folks in front of her.
  • This smacks of being an setup but what do I know.

Update: The beach photos with ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ are photo-shopped. The analysis is here.

Everyone has there own standard as to what they need to see or hear to buy into this shit show. My standard hasn’t been met yet.