How About Those Ochi Omissions…

Marfa Invitational is rapidly approaching. There are 11 artists who will be showing their work according to Marfa Invitational’s website. I visited the website of each of the galleries sponsoring an artist. Of course, I started with the most familiar artist on the list.

Ochi Projects | Los Angeles has a list of artists on their site and one person in particular is not listed (screen cap below).

‘She-who-shall-not-be-named’ had two solo exhibitions at the Ochi Gallery in Idaho.

  • Shadows exhibiton took place July 2 – August 6, 2016
  • Perpetual Slow Circle exhibition January 1 – March 2014

When you look through the past exhibitions, these exhibition are not listed. A google search brought up three articles pertinent to Ochi Gallery and the person in question (screen cap below). The first google entry takes you to a blog entry that talks about the Shadow exhibition at ACME. The second google entry is about the 2016 Shadows exhibition at Ochi and it takes you to a Error 404 page (screen cap below). The third google entry is about the Perpetual Slow Circle exhibition at Och and it also takes you to a Error 404 page (screen cap below).

One omission is understandable; three omissions, especially when two were solo exhibitions, seems odd. Perhaps all three omissions are an oversight on the part of Ochi Projects Los Angeles or perhaps the gallery is no longer sponsoring her at Marfa Invitational – your guess is as good as mine.

The captures from Ochi’s website are time-stamped. If they make any corrections or additions, I’ll update the post and include the new captures.

Note #1: She was part of a group exhibition back in summer of 2014 and that is still listed.

Note #2: Eve Wood’s The Artist’s Prision exhibition (June 3- July 2, 2017) is still listed. While ‘she-who-who-shall-not-be-named’ is a collaborator and responsible for the text, the artist of note is Eve Wood.

Note #3: Nine of the other artists were all featured on the website of their respective sponsor. One gallery, LTD Los Angeles, had nothing on their site so I can’t say anything about the artist they are sponsoring.