How About Those Pesky Shadows

Many thanks to filmclubofficial for sharing an additional photo from nabilgerges24 on instagram and to baracervenkova76 for the comment she posted in the comments. Also thanks to baracervenkova76 for the additional discussion of the photos. From her profile, baracervenkova76 works in the industry. Her comment is with respect to the beach photos. It is below.


Fake only! Very bad photoshop… we have analysed the first @nabilgerges24 try with my colleagues in our animation studio… three figures – three different directions of the lights and shadows on them… Strange and fishy publicity campaign again…

Look at the photos below and pay attention to the shadows and items in the photos.

  • Look at photo 1. Everyone’s shadow is behind them and slightly jagged off to the right. Also there is no car in the background. In other words all three people have shadows that go in the same direction.
  • Look at photo 2. There is no car in the background.
  • Look at photo 3. There is a car in the background now. KR’s shadow is directly behind him but the other guy’s shadow is not directly behind him – it is jagged off to the right. The bike’s shadow is a bit behind it and jagged off to the right matching the shadow placement of the guy. The car’s  shadow is next to it which is different than the shadow placement of the bike, the guy and KR. Now look at the perspective of ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ and the background. ‘She-who-shall-not-be-named’ is in close proximity to the bike – she is not a great distance from it. With respect to the bike and the two men, a 6 ft plus woman should be significantly taller in that photo. Notice that the car is small and the cliff is off in the distance. Let’s refer to this photo 3 as photoshop attempt 1.
  • Now look at photo 4 and focus on size and perspective. Granted the photo was taken from a different angle but the car is suddenly large and the cliff is suddenly close and in your face while there is not much change in the size of the men. A certain someone has gotten bigger but the fact remains that she is in close proximity to the bike and not in TimbuKtu. As a 6 ft plus woman she should be larger in that photo. Now  look at the bike – it is almost as tall as she is.  Let’s refer to this as photo-shopped attempt 2.
  • The position of the sun in the sky when a photo is taken is static. If all the items in a photo are present when the photo is taken, then all of the shadows cast by each of those items should be cast in the same direction. In Photo 3 (photo-shopped attempt 1) they are NOT – they are all going in different directions – there are not three different suns in the sky at the same time. The woman in close proximity to the bike appears to be too small for her height and the cliffs are significantly back in the distance. Photo 4 (photo-shopped attempt 2) while significantly better, the perspective of the woman, car and cliff is off with respect to the men. Also note the bike is almost as tall as she is.

Final Thoughts

  • Several photos were tossed together to make the photo-shopped photos. Each photo was taken at a different time accounting for the change in position of the sun and the change in the shadow cast.
  • So if ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named was at the beach at the same time as KR, then there would have been no need for any photo-shopped photos to begin with –  they could have gone with the real deal. So why didn’t they?
  • AM and ADC splash their selfies all over the place whenever they are with KR. Why is it that the supposed chosen one,’she-who-shall-not-be-named’, has to call paps or scheme with others to have herself photo-shopped into photos to be seen with him?

While I added baracervenkova76’s comment as a quote, I have a screen capture of it. And while this post may be old hat for some it now is documented and in the data base.