IG Imposter Mara Stano Contacting Fans

I have been alerted by one of my IG followers that she has been contacted by IG user Mara Stano claiming that she works for Keanu. She included an altered photo riffing on my site to try and give her credibility. Below you will find a screen cap of her profile, The altered photo she is sending around to fans, and a cap of the actual alert I have posted on the front page. Note I the alert is posted in full and is not truncated as depicted in her photo. The alert on my site also appears in full when it is viewed on cell phones. I have more info on this woman from comments appearing on my IG post. She has multiple accounts, all with the same profile photo: stano992, stano4861, stano593, stano7143, marastano96, MaraStano102, marastano506, marastano603. They all have the same profile photo.The first is a message she sent to someone. The second is from someone who had the misfortune to deal with her.

Hi! I am Mara Stano, the new media and publicity manager to Actor Keanu Reeves (John Wick), he has directed to give you his personal WhatsApp contact, regarding on the information he got to share with as he is not currently on Instagram
+16307401070, add to chart with him on WhatsApp. Thanks

And she’s a serious stalker, too. She hit me up on IG, then followed me to Pinterest to pursue me there!😳 Very scary how they’re going after Keanu fans! Stay safe and be smart–report, block, DELETE!!