Japan Trip Wrap Up

Tokyo Game Show posted a clip that includes footage of Keanu at the Tokyo Game Show on youtube. Keanu can be seen at the 1:50 mark. An excerpt clip of the footage with Keanu is here. Thanks to @Dnc1AlOm3ZvxWkJ for tweeting the link.

TOHOシネマズ公式チャンネル posted a clip of their interview with Keanu and Chad Stahelski on the red carpet at the John Wick 3 premiere in Tokyo on youtube. The excerpt clip of just the interview is here. Thanks to Ayako for tweeting the link.
Warners Bros. posted a clip on youtube of Keanu announcing that Replicas is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in Japan. Thanks to @TYcbf9r for tweeting the link.