Keanu Mention

New Jersey 101.5 has a post up on one of their deejays Bob O Brien and his work as an extra on various films during his off-time. When asked what interesting people he has met, he said:

“So far, doing this I’ve met Keanu Reeves, Damian Lewis, Matt Damon, Scott Bakula, Bridget Moynihan, Dan Aykroyd, Kevin Pollak, Richard Thomas, Michael Wetherley, Donal Logue, Edward Norton, Alec Baldwim, Willem Dafoe, Spike Lee, Pete Holmes (and) Ralph Macchio,” Bob says.

When asked who the coolest was, he said:

“The nicest were Michael Wetherly, Keanu Reeves, Donal Logue, Damian Lewis, Kevin Pollack and Pete Holmes,” Bob says. “No one was uncool, but some were more outgoing than others.”

Note: He met Keanu while he was an extra in John Wick 3.