Keanu Mention from Governors Ball

The Guardian has a post up on the Oscars and the Governors Ball afterwards by Hadley Freeman. She said the following about her encounter with Keanu at the Governors Ball:

One of the most obvious differences between celebrities and civilians – to use Gwyneth Paltrow’s eternally useful term for people who aren’t her – is that the latter will always remember that they met the former, but the reverse is not true.

…But there are exceptions to this rule. Keanu Reeves – not a celebrity generally spotted at these events – came to the Oscars this year and I nervously approached him and garbled some nonsense question about how he found it all. He stared at me, confused.

“I know you – we met last spring!” he said, and he was right – I interviewed him almost a year ago. I was so taken aback by this inversion of the norms that I ran away blushing, a peasant overcome by the kindness of a king.

Note: Hadley Freeman interviewed Keanu in May 2019 for a cover article in The Guardian Weekend. I covered it here.