Looky Here – Doing PR on the Cheap

Thanks to a follower for this article.

Feature World has a post that details how to sell your PR story. In this scenario you contact someone and tell them your story. He/she shop it around, find places that are willing to post it and let you know the amount they are willing to pay for it. If you agree, the money is deposited in your account and I am assuming they will get a cut.

Now, if you are on the ball and pay attention to what is in the article, you can do the PR on your own for virtually little money if any and make money off of the horse manure you are peddling. The secret of going this route, is you primarily use D-level media sites/gossip rags. The integrity of the “writers” at those sites are almost non-existant and most are willing to publish BS by hiding behind words like “sources” or “claims” or “we contacted so and so’s rep and they haven’t replied”. End result, you don’t need anyone else’s money or permission to get your BS published. Does this sound familiar? Does it remind you of anyone? It should on both counts.

So you write some false story about your delusions of grandeur, find some pre-existing photos from an event and contact the Daily Mail (DM) with your sob story. Oh, an A-lister is involve and a popular one at that. The story seller gets paid and the DM gets their reward in click bait.

Now what? Oh you like the attention and want to keep your false narrative going. Alrighty, easy-peasy get another sob story ready, either a riff on the original one or a slightly different one that extends your narrative. You can go over to muck rack (MuRa) and look at the various “writers” listed there and look at the sites where they have posted articles. When you find one that meets your criteria, you can pitch them your story. In some cases  the MuRa hack can run your latest sob story with pre-existing photos, hire a paparazzo to get new photos to support the BS you are trying to hawk or use old photos that can further support your false narrative. The end result, another article that peddles a pile of horse poop that furthers someone’s false narrative, generates more income for them and generates click bait for the media site.

Like I said above, this should sound familiar and we have seen real life examples of all the possibilities I mentioned by the evil one.