Looky Here – More Photo Irregularities

Due to the length of the ‘Hmm, Fake or Real’ post, I am doing a round 2 post to cover additional irregularities I have noticed.

In the original post on spotting fake/photo-shopped photos, Digital Trends pointed out that it is hard for the brain to accept that what we are looking at is not real. Step back and take a critical look and ask questions. I am finding the more I look at the photos, the more odd things I notice. Some of those things are below.

  • When Carrie-Anne leaves the car, she does not appear to have a denim jacket with her unless it is blocked from view by the car.
  • In the second photo, she is holding a denim jacket when she is standing in front of the store window.
  • When she is leaving the building at night, she is not carrying the denim jacket. What happened to the jacket?
  • In photo1, ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ is holding two phones, her jacket and an object that is white with some black on it. Whatever the object is, it extends from her hand to Keanu’s face. It looks like it is tucked under his chin and also passes over his shirt collar.
  • She is either holding something that close to his face or it was not removed when the photo was digitally manipulated. It can not be part of the normal background of the photo because the background would not extend under his face/chin like that and spill over onto his shirt.
  • In photo 2 she has two phones in her left hand and her jacket and a present/book in her right hand. The present/book appears to have a fuchsia ribbon tied around it and you and see the loop peeking out near her right hand.
  • Whatever is in her hand in photo 1is a different color and does not have a fuchsia ribbon like the present/book that she is holding in photo 2.
  • In photo 3 she is holding her two phones in her left hand and her jacket has also shifted back to her left hand. Where did the present/book go? The present/book is either in her right hand and out of view or it has disappeared.
  • Why is she carrying two phones?
  • Keanu arrived alone. In photo 4 there is nothing in his right hand and in photo 5 there is nothing in his left hand. Guess he could have shifted the phone from one hand to the other but it is more likely that his phone was in his suit coat’s inside chest pocket.
  • There was no sign of ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ when he arrived – she just appears. He’s a grown man and I don’t see him whipping out his phone and handing it over to her.
  • In photo 1, notice the space at the very top indicated by the white arrow between the top metal areas. Also notice the map and directory. There also doesn’t appear to be any doors.
  • Look at photo 2. The space at the very top between the metal areas appears to be missing (area is circled). Maybe it is just the angle or maybe the photo was altered. You can see the reflection of the mannequins in the glass and you can see the mannequin’s skirt peeking out from behind Keanu. Notice the double metal beam near the blue and red sign (circled). If you follow the beams up it looks like there is a hinge near the top indicating it could be a door
  • In photo 3 you can finally see both mannequins.
  • Considering the photos were supposed to have been taken on the same day and supposedly everyone was going to the same place, you would expect the map and directory that is present in photo 1 to also be present in photos 2 and 3 but it is not. Similarly, you would expect the double metal beam (door?) and the blue and red sign that are in photos 2 and 3 to also be in photo 1 – they are not.
  • In photo 1 notice NPH approaching the building. Notice the clothes in the window. On the left there is a black tee-shirt/sweatshirt/sweater with one  word in white. Next to it, there are two more long sleeve tee-shirts/sweatshirts/sweaters. The fourth item is a hat of some sort.
  • In photo 2, NPH has moved closer to the building.
  • In photo 3, you see ‘she-who-must-not-be-named’ and Keanu walking. It looks like they are rounding the corner headed to the building. Notice the planter of flowers on the left. Notice that as Keanu comes up to the edge of the display window, it is filled with brightly colored items and a predominantly blue and red sign. Where are the black tee-shirts/sweatshirt/sweaters that NPH passed in the display window on his way to the building?
  • In photo 4, ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ and Keanu walk around the corner towards the building. You get another view of the planter of flowers and another look at the display window that they passed.
  • In photo 5, you see them coming out of the building at night. Notice the planter of flowers and the metal edged display window. If you look carefully you can see black items in the display window. Also notice the distance between the planter of flowers and the display window.
  • Go back and look at photos 3 and 4 again. Why does the distance between the display window  and the planter of flowers look so much shorter in these two photos when compared to the observed distance in photo 5? Why are there brightly colored items in the display window that Keanu walks past on the way to the building not black like in photo 5? Looks like two photos were spliced together, one with ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ near the planter of flowers and the other of Keanu in a different location on the street.
  • In photo 6, ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ is seen walking away from the building as she leaves. Notice the metal edged display window that she is approaching. The clothes in the display window are different from the clothes in that display window that NPH supposedly passed a few hours earlier on his way to the building. The clothes are no longer long sleeved tees/sweatshirts/sweaters and a hat (cold weahter clothes). The display window is now filled with short sleeved tees (warm weather clothes).
  • Look at photo 7. It gives you another view of the contents of the display window. More importantly look at the circled right edge of the photo. It appears to be different. On closer examination, it looks like the map and directory that we saw in the photo up above with Carrie-Anne. Also note that the arrow is pointing at a strange reflection/glare on the window display and there is no visible source in the photo that accounts for it. Hmm, did the map and directory get up and walked down the street?
  • Look at photo 8 and focus in on the white arrow near the bottom on the right. Notice the slight change in color of the metal in the bike rack and also note the change in circumference that occurs at the arrow and the slight bend where the two pieces come together. The right side of the photo is not only different from the rest of the photo it also does not line up with the area of the photo to the left of the arrow – another sign that some sort of digital manipulation occurred.
  • Photo 1 is from June 21. Notice how short the ponytail is and notice the side swept bangs that are too short to be caught up in the ponytail.
  • Photo 2 and 3 are from July 4. The ponytail is too long and the bangs are now long enough to be caught up in the ponytail. There is no way her hair has grown that much in 13 days.


  • Like I said above, the more I look at the photos the more irregularities I see and there are mostly likely things that I have still missed.
  • If ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ is physically in Berlin and is the GF as claimed, then the photos should be consistent across the set. There should be no inconsistencies or irregularities or breaks in time continuity. After all, they are claiming the photos were all taken on the same day and everyone was going to the same place.
  • We have clothes in the window display that reflect one season when NPH arrives and change to another season when cast members are leaving the building just a few hours later. The clothes in the window display when Keanu and ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ are approaching the building are clearly different from the clothes in the window display when NPH walks by the same display. We have a map and directory in one photo near the mannequins that disappear in other photos with the mannequins. There is a strange reflection in one of the photos as people are leaving the building and that same photo looks like the map and directory that was near the mannequins earlier has been added to it. And we have ponytails and bangs that were significantly shorter just 13 days earlier on June 21. Yes hair grows but not several inches in 2 weeks.
  • There are too many inconsistencies/mistakes that run through the entire set of photos from July 4. I see no logical explanation other than the photos have been digitally manipulated. The July 4 set looks like a mix of photos from various times and locations that were spliced together to sell the narrative that ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ is peddling.