Looky Here – Staged and Fake Paparazzi Photos

Cosmopolitan has an article that details their interview with a paparazzo who talks about how to stage celebrity photos. Some of the highlights are below:

Why do celebrities setup or stage photos?

Celebrities stage photos for various reason. The biggest reason is money. Often photos that are setup include a paid product endorsement. The following, however caught my eye:

Certain photo agencies specialize in these types of fake paparazzi photos. They usually try to make the photos look natural and candid, but in reality, the celebrity and the photographer are working together. It’s a paid photo shoot and the celebrity gets a big check. The readers of tabloid magazines and blogs have no idea!

Some celebrities are image conscious and want to look good and will call paps to catch them at their best. When they are caught out and about on the spur of the moment by a pap, they often put their head down or put their hand in front of their face.

The other most common reason to stage or setup photos is a major life event such as a wedding or birth of a new child.

The paparazzo used Kim Kardashian as an example of a celebrity who releases fake paparazzi photos. He said the following about her:

Kim Kardashian is the biggest example of a celebrity who releases fake paparazzi photos. Kim has a personal paparazzi who she texts regularly. This man flies around the world, going wherever she asks him to be, and they work together to produce the latest fake paparazzi pictures of her. She reviews every image before they start selling them to magazines. If they shoot on a beach, these images are heavily Photoshopped and she chooses her favorites to sell.

How often are photos staged and how much are they worth?

The paparazzo says this is a very common occurrence and that some staged photos, depending on their nature, can earn enough for a down payment on a house.

What are the signs of a staged shot?

When asked this question the paparazzo said:

Most of the staged shots look silly and are very obvious to a trained eye. If it’s a huge news story, you always have to wonder, don’t you?

Hmm, a certain A-lister is wealthy and doesn’t need the money, always looks homeless unless he is at an event, and often puts his head down or his hand in front of his face when he is caught out by the paps. He has no reason to stage photos.

However, it is know that ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ calls the paps every chance she gets if it means getting seen with a certain A-lister. She has no merit on her own, needs the money and only generates attention when she is linked to him. She has staged photos before.

What agency specializes in fake paparazzi photos?

The Sydney Morning Herald published a piece revealing Kim Kardashian’s secret deal with a certain paparazzi agency (see screen cap below). Hmm, funny the latest photos from Berlin were done by the same agency and they have an office in Berlin as well as Los Angeles.

Now let’s look at some specific things in the most recent photos.

  • As Keanu comes out of the building he is carrying 2 bags (photo 1).
  • In the second photo, you can see that his suit coat has JETTED pockets (circled).
  • As Keanu walks down the street he is carrying both his shoulder bag and white bag and the his suit coat still has a jetted pocket.
  • In photo 2, you can also see part of the man that is wearing a dark blue shirt with the sleeves pushed up.
  • In the above photo, you can see that Keanu has finally come into the vicinity of ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’.
  • Notice, that both bags have magically disappear.
  • The pocket on his suit coat is no longer jetted – it HAS a FLAP. The jacket is different – it is not the same jacket he wore as he left the building or wore as he started down the street.
  • The narrative being pushed, is ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ was with him – guess they were hoping no one would notice he had on a different jacket.
  • In both photos above you can see the flapped pocket on Keanu’s suit coat and you can see him with the guy wearing the blue shirt with the sleeves pushed up.
  • In photo one as Neil Patrick Harris is coming out of the building you can see the man in the sports coat with the heavy scarf wrapped around his neck.
  • If you look closely, you can see that his hair looks damp, perhaps because it is hot out and he is sweating.
  • Now look at the second photo. Keanu is still not carrying any bags and the pocket on his suit coat still has a FLAP.
  • You can also see the guy in cold weather clothes.
  • Now look at the reflection in the glass door. You can see the reflection of the metal globe that is out on the street in the glass door.
  • There is a reflection of someone wearing a dark coat/jacket with their arm down by their side in the glass door. There is no one on the street that accounts for that reflection in the door.
  • If you go and look at the photos of ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ on your own, you will see that she is cool as a cucumber – no signs of sweating or being over-heated.


  • We have a know leaker who calls the paps every chance she gets to be seen with a certain A-lister.
  • We have a guy in a blue shirt that is seen with Keanu when he is wearing a suit coat with a jetted pocket and carrying 2 bags and with Keanu when he is wearing a suit coat with a flapped pocket and carrying no bags.
  • We have a man that is sweating in a gray sport coat and a heavy neck scarf being seen near the building that Neil Patrick Harris is emerging from and that same man is in photos with ‘she who shall not be named’ and Keanu who is wearing a jacket with flapped pockets.
  • Bottom line, the photos with ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’ and Keanu are staged, some combination of staged/photo-shopped/old photos.
  • The guy in the blue shirt with pushed up sleeves and the guy in the gray sports coat with the scarf are part of the staging in an attempt to make the photos look real and establish continuity between Keanu coming out of the building with the rest of the cast and then being near ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’. Note the guy with the scarf was most likely dressed like that to jive with the clothes ‘what’s her face’ was wearing.
  • Clearly when they chose photos of Keanu to include with ‘she-who-shall-not-be-named’, they didn’t pay attention to the type of pockets that were on his suit coat!

Believe your eyes and what you see not the BS you are spoon fed by others with their own narrative to push.