Looky Here – Those Pesky Muck Rack Hacks

It has been a given for some time that ‘she who must not be named’, her minions and PR team monitor #keanureeves tags on social media and gossip forums.

From all appearances, it looks like ‘she who must not be named’ and cohorts have fed speculative comments from gossip forums to one of their muck rack hacks, at HP who has claimed that fan sites are running bogus articles about Keanu and his health. (Read the second screen cap below.) Maybe instead of hiding behind so called “claims” about fan sites, the author should provide some evidence.

Unfortunately, there are bogus articles and they are coming from D-level media sites courtesy of ‘she who shall not be named’ and her PR team. The focus is to advance the false narratives of ‘she who shall not be named’ and now to smear the various fan sites and social media fan accounts with bogus claims for calling out their collective steaming pile of horse manure. And let me be clear, anyone who peddles speculative comments from social media as fact with no legitimate receipts to back it up is a hack.

With respect to the new photos that appeared today, everyone is entitled to their own opinion about them. He looked good and healthy. The article was focused directly on him and for a change they managed to publish correct information, hmm. As far as I am concerned that one finger salute was aimed directly at the media whore.

Note: To the minions who don’t like what I post, well cry me a frickin’ river. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to come here.

Note 2: An indirect link has been added. I am done providing traffic to questionable sites.