Matrix 4 – Wrap Party – Update X2!

The Matrix 4 wrap party for the San Francisco portion of the filming was last night. There will most likely be another wrap party at the end of filming in Berlin.

Many thanks to kekevasquez for sharing her group photo with Keanu on IG story here.

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And thanks to shai_noise for sharing his selfie with Keanu and Lana Wachowski on the set of Matrix 4 on instagam.

Update X2: Many thanks to Sandra M Suarez for sharing her selfie on FB and to Keanuital for tweeting the link.

Many thanks to radchenkolily for sharing her selfie with Keanu on instagram and to Keanuital for tweeting the link. The following was posted with the photo (via google translator):

So 4 months of my work on the creation of this film, expected by millions, ended.

I was the coordinator of the details department. My responsibilities included: ⁃ thoroughly know the script ⁃ order, buy, get, create details that would potentially be used in the film ⁃ keep accounts and pay suppliers’ bills ⁃ prepare a presentation for the director and actors ⁃ make arrangements with companies who want to see their products on big screen: get products, take an inventory, pack and send back after use ⁃ solve any problems as they arrive ⁃ pack all the necessary details and send for future use in Europe дел and many, many other things, large and small.

I can say that it was very hard for me physically. The first 3 months of preparation for the shooting were simply magical. Every day I easily woke up at 5 in the morning, did yoga, meditated and joyfully ran to work. I really enjoyed what I was doing.
The last 2 weeks have been hell for me. 80% of this time I was engaged in inventory, packing and sending our requisites to Europe. It was hard physical labor. Perhaps I even had an intervertebral hernia😢

I hate moving. And the last 2 weeks I just did that I collected everything in boxes and dragged from place to place. Unloved occupation took away all my energy to the last drop. I worked and slept. All.
But now I understand people who go to an unloved job every day, which, like a bloodthirsty parasite, sucks all of your energy out of you.

I am very glad that the fees and moving to Europe are almost over (2 more days left 💪🏻).

It was an unforgettable and contradictory experience: love and hate, euphoria and apathy, energy boost and powerlessness, delight and disappointment … It seems to me that while working on this film, I experienced all possible emotions that are only characteristic of a person. Thanks to the invaluable experience and for the fact that it ended 😅

Insights about the director, actors and Hollywood standards will write tomorrow.

And what would you be interested to know about working on the Matrix?