More on the Men’s Fitness Article

All of the photos that have appeared by Felix.AAA on instagram were taken in the same area as those taken by Doug Inglish who is the photographer of credit for the the Men’s Fitness Magazine article.

Many thanks to Felix.AAA who has shared another photo and a short clip on instagram here and here. The short clip is a segment of the interview that was done for the Men’s Fitness article. The comment with the clip said:

A snippet of an interview I shot with Keanu regarding his training process for John Wick.

The posted clip is an excerpt from the Men’s Fitness photo shoot clip that was covered here. Clearly, Felix also was involved in the Men’s Fitness piece and was on that set and took his photos on that set as well.

Three photos taken by Doug Inglish for the Men’s Fitness article have appeared here. Currently they are #1-3 in the gallery. they are decent size and enlarge further.