New Photos from NYC – Update X4!

Newscom has 17 thumbnails of Keanu sitting outside of a building in NYC. There are also several shots of a truck being unloaded.

Eastnews has the same thumbnails.

Legion-Media has 22 thumbnails that are closeups of Keanu by a different agency. In the very top menu bar you can select “EN” for English. Below that use the search bar.

Ent.Sina has eight photos in a slide gallery.

Many thanks to 蚊子的BenAffleck农场 for sharing on weibo. Five photos are here and another nine are here.

Quem has a post up with four photos.

Update: Daily Mail has a post up with nine photos.

Update X2: Celebrity Hive has shared four photos on their site.

Update X3: 29 thumbnails from another agency.

Update X4: The Sun has a post up with five photos.