New Photos from Slidell & New Orleans

Many thanks to Mona Fincher Treadaway for sharing four photos on FB She posted the following story to go with the photos.

Yes this really happened!!!! AHHHHHH!!!
KEANU REEVES is filming down the street from us. Tanya made this sign and put it where he passes. He got out and signed it and was looking for us….we were at work. The detail police officer took pictures. We thought our neighbors were messing with us. So when Tanya walked over and asked the officer if he really signed it he showed her the pics. I’m going to invite Keanu to dinner for some cajun cooking. I wonder if he will come. He seems to be really nice, he actually took the time to back up and autograph our sign.

Many thanks to Linda Authement for sharing her daughter-in-law’s selfie with Keanu on FB. She shared the photo in a comment in Mona Fincher Treadaway’s post above. She posted the following with the photo:

He is so nice my daughter in law Lindsey works at a bank in Chalmette where they have a office while filming down here and he took pictures with some of the ladies !! She said he is very nice and friendly!!

Many thanks to Lindsey Crovetto Authement for sharing her two selfie with Keanu on FB. They were taken on June 28, 2019. Apparently, the Bill & Ted 3 production rented office space in the building where she works in Chalmette.