Oh Really

Celebrity Insider has a new post up written by

Well, bless her heart, she has the worst PR team ever. The false narrative didn’t work the first time but hell’s bells, lets see if we can sell this steaming pile of horse manure on a second go round. Let’s take a closer look at what the so called source had to say.

  • They are trying to pass off the ring she has been wearing since at least 2016 as an engagement ring that was bought at auction for $2.5 million. Note the ring in the 2016 photo is the same ring that appears in the photo accompanying the article which was taken on November 10, 2017 in Paris. The point was most likely to use the photo as an example. However, considering her thirst for fame and attention, does anyone doubt for a minute that if she had a sparkling $2.5 M engagement ring placed on her finger, that she would have given up the opportunity for a pap walk to show it off?
  • The proposal took place on December 31, 2019, her birthday with a dinner prepared by a chef from Mastro’s. As an aside, she was born on April 4 and scrubbing the internet and conjuring up a new birthday date to fit the latest lie does not make it so. Someone neglected to scrub her IG and FB page. Screen caps below with further details.
  • Oh, and the wedding will be sometime this year in Hawaii with a couple of witnesses.
  • While she or her PR team have been busy scrubbing the internet, they forgot an article. The New Zealand Woman’s Day issue, Nov 18, 2019, ran an article with sources claiming their was a proposal following take out from an Italian restaurant about a month earlier (so October). She was given an engagement ring worth $300,000. Funny, the wedding in this article was slated for a beach at sunset in Malibu with about 70 guests. Screen caps below. Notice any escalation in the lies? The $300,000 ring is now worth $2.5 million. Dinner went from take out from the Italian joint to the chef from Mastro’s preparing dinner at the house. And the wedding on a Malibu beach was upgraded to Hawaii.
  • If you google her birthday you will see that the month and date has been deleted everywhere. There are a couple of entries that list her birthday as December 31, most likely to support the latest false narrative. An attempt has been made to blame this article on poor journalism by the media. Let me draw your attention to the screen cap that lists her birthday as Dec. 31 – notice that it was entered on Nov. 7. I don’t think Dec 31 was randomly chosen. Instead it suggests that they knew this article was coming and prepared for the narrative. It is highly unlikely that the author of this current piece would have access to so many article indexed on google and would have the ability to alter the birthday on all of them. That is something that PR folks do on a regular basis.