Oh the Lies Someone Tells

British Vogue has posted their interview with ‘she who shall not be named’. You will have to google it yourself. It is another pile of steaming horse poop as she tries to rewrite history to advance yet another new narrative. Oops, when people don’t fall for the latest pack of lies, go back to the drawing board and try again.

  • Ode to Happiness was written for Janey Bergam by Keanu during a gathering at his house.
  • Janey is the one who contacted she who shall not be named and asked her to illustrate it.
  • Ultimately the book was published by Steidl in Germany.
  • In the article Janey was completely dropped from the chain of events and was not given the credit she was due.
  • As already stated the book was published by Steidl and was not the reason XAB was established. Remember Ode to Happiness appeared in 2011.
  • And ask your self this, “why is she trying so hard to push this non-existent relationship”? If you recall, in the last batch of photos, you know the ones that she called the paps for on Feb. 24, we all were first hand witnesses to an A-lister giving her the ‘stink eye’ as my son called it when he was 8 years old.

Below is the clip from one of the Ode to Happiness events and you can listen to how the book came to be. Believe what you hear and not the crap you are fed in the article. The pertinent segment runs from approximately 6:03 – 8:33 mark. The Hollywood Reporter also had a write up on Ode to Happiness that included how it came to be.