On the Ground in Cesenatico – Update X7!

il Resto del Carlino has posted that Keanu was sighted walking along the waterfront in Cesenatico today. He stopped for lunch with friends at  at Osteria dei Golosi which is on the estate of Flavio Fabbri. Flavio Fabbri said the following:

“Reeves presented himself smiling and in great shape. He greeted me and told me that he had chosen the Osteria dei Golosi on the advice of some friends who had already been my guests and found themselves well. He ordered some fish appetizers, fries and other specialties of our kitchen. She confided to wanting to spend a few days off with friends and was very friendly and helpful with everyone. He was photographed, lent his face to selfie and paid for it regularly. Once out of the venue, he was approached by so many other fans, with whom he was entertained for a long time on the canal harbor. For us it is a great satisfaction, the fact that my common friends have signaled my place is a cause of pride. He said he was very well and it would be nice for us to have him in our company. “

Note, there is a photo with the article.

Update: Many Thanks to giusynoda for sharing her selfie with Keanu on instagram. She ran into him on the waterfront.

Many thanks to @Nannastra for sharing a photo of Keanu on twitter.

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Many thanks to Matteo Borgia for sharing his photo with Keanu on FB. There is another person in the original photo.

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Update X7: Many thanks to Annalisa Luatti for sharing her photo with Keanu on FB.