Oscars – Round 3


Forbes has a post up, ‘2020 Oscars: The Best Jewels On The Red Carpet’. We know from his stylist, Jeanne Yag that he wore Cartier. From this article we know the following:

Keanu Reeves wore a Cartier Tradition dress set, 1956, in 14k yellow gold and platinum with onyx and diamonds.

Vanity Fair has a post up, ‘Oscars 2020: The Backstage Story of Parasite’s Wild Night’. The following was reported for Diane Keaton and Keau:

Backstage, presenters Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves separated from Bong and Han as they celebrated their victory by posing for photos. Keaton turned around as they left the wings, and raised her hand to Reeves, who high-fived her. “Fuck yeah!” she said.

Rolling Stone has a post up, ’20 Best, Worst, and Most WTF Moments of the 2020 Oscars’. One of the best moments was ‘Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves Take Us Back to Rom-Com Heaven’. They said the following about them:

As always, Diane Keaton walks that fine line between not quite knowing the protocol and not giving a shit about it. Keaton and Keanu Reeves reunited onstage, nominally because they starred together in the 2003 rom-com Something’s Gotta Give, but maybe just so Keaton could lightly shade co-star Jack Nicholson, whose character she ends up choosing over Reeves’ character in the film. “I wouldn’t go that far,” she deadpanned after Reeves raved, “Good times, you and Jack!” Keaton’s nervous energy nearly caused her to announce a winner before listing the nominees, a snafu she gamely recovered from thanks to some charming guidance by her fellow presenter. For many, the delightful pairing was a corrective 17 years in the making: the preferred ending to that movie.

ABC 6 News has a post up, ‘Backstage at the Oscars: Dazed winners and sweet reunions’. THey said the following about Keanu and Diane Keaton:

It’s been 17 years since Keanu Reeves and Diane Keaton starred in Nancy Meyers’ “Something’s Gotta Give,” but it didn’t seem like a day had passed backstage at the Oscars. The two reunited to present the best original screenplay award Sunday night. In the wings they shared a sweet moment: Reeves offered Keaton his arm and the two walked into position linked.

The Huffington Post has posted an article, ‘Diane Keaton And Keanu Reeves’ Flirtatious Oscars Banter Deserves Its Own Rom-Com.

Fox News has posted an article, ‘The 2020 Oscars’ 7 most cringeworthy moments’. #3 on the list was Diane Keaton almost announcing the best screenplay winner too early and then dropping the envelope. Thank goodness for Keanu Reeves!

Dlisted has a post up, ‘Open Post: Hosted By Diane Keaton And Keanu Reeves’ Reunion At The Oscars’ that includes seven photos.