Photos from May 2 – Injured Thumb – Update!

The Daily Mail has a post up with six photos.

Newscom has 23 thumbnails.

East News has 11 thumbnails.

Photoshelter has 14 thumbnails.

Many thanks to 蚊子的BenAffleck农场 for sharing nie photos on weibo.

Update: Sina has posted four photos.

Note: I tweeted links and threw this post up before leaving for an appointment. Now that I have had a chance to look at the photos, his hair is cut but it is not as short as it was at the end of the second film, IMO. Not clear if they will film out of sequence and this look is for shots of him being on the run for awhile with a additional haircut to follow for the sequences immediately picking up where JW2 left off. Hope that makes sense.