Round 2 – St. Laurent Men’s Spring-Summer ’20 Show – Update X2!

Getty now has 15 thumbnails.

Newscom has 11 thumbnails.

Rex now has 27 thumbnails.

Zimbio has five photos with Keanu.

The Guardian has a post up on the event. There is one photo of Keanu that is also on Zimbio.

The Associated Post has a posted a video from the photocall on youtube. Keanu is featured in the first five seconds.

Many thanks to zentanishida fort sharing a photo on instagram.

Many thanks to rosa_rosae_rosetti for sharing a photo and clip on instagram.

Update: Many thanks to anthonyvaccarello for sharing two photos on IG story here and here.

Update X2: LA Magazine has a post up on the fahion show along with two nice black and white photos with Keanu. One is featured on the article and the other is in the gallery of photos.