Round Up from the Intertubes – January 1, 2018

Gigazine has a post up on Arch Motorcycle with photos. Photos are not new but they are nice size for those who need them.

Many thanks to @keanulatino for tweeting the following links yesterday.

  • Many thanks to Danielle Boiardi for sharing an album of six photos from the Woodstock Film Festival Awards Ceremony in October 2010 on FB.
  • Many thanks to Christina Saracino Blakey for sharing a photo on FB. Photo was posted in October 2008.
  • Many thanks to No Sleep Jah for sharing his selfie with Keanu on FB. Photo was taken during the Generation Um shoot.
  • Many thanks to Jeffrey Luscombe for sharing two photos of Keanu on FB here and here. Photos were taken at TIFF 2009
  • Many thanks to Anni Englund for sharing her selfie with Keanu on FB. Photo was posted in September 2009.
  • Many thanks to Vicki Carpenter for sharing a photo on FB. Photo was taken at a Christmas party at the Hotel Vancouver in December 2007. Keanu was in Vancouver in December 2007 for The Day the Earth Stood Still shoot.
  • Many thanks to Sento Miquel Montagud for sharing her nephew’s photo with Keanu on FB. The photo was taken in November 2017.
  • Many thanks to BZG – Port Lotniczy Bydgoszcz for sharing an album of four photos of Keanu on FB. Photos were taken in 2010 when Keanu was at the Plus Camerimage to present Henry’s Crime and to shoot interviews with cinematorgraphers for Side by Side.