Round Up from the Intertubes – April 28, 2017

Many thanks to 2hlupitacamarena18 for sharing another of her selfies with Keanu on instagram. Her instagram page talks about ComicCon but the tags on the photo say Vegas so I think this photo may have been taken at CinemaCon in Vegas in April 2016.

Many thanks to @thisinsider who shared a short clip on twitter on Keanu doing his own stunts through the years.

Many thanks to LJs Grill for sharing a second group photo on their FB page. The photo was posted on April 21. They also shared a photo on instagram that was posted when it first appeared. It is also on FB for those who missed it the first time.

Many thanks to exploringelliotts for sharing his selfie with Keanu on instagram. The photo was taken in Austin.

Many thanks to @Luna_mey for sharing screen caps of a John Wick 2 article that appeared in the April 21 issue of Cuore Magazine on twitter here and here.