Schön! Magazine

On November 12, holger_sa shared a portrait of Keanu on instagram that he tolk while Keanu was in Paris in November 2017.

Today, schonmagazine shared the same portrait of Keanu on instagram with a comment that Keanu was included in the current issue of Schön! Magazine in Holger Sà‘s iconic portraiture series.

You can view the photo on Schön! Magazine‘s website and the text that was published along with the series of iconic portraits. Holger Sà said the following about Keanu.

Shooting admired subjects all over the world, each portrait is like a child to Holger. “Every photo has its own little story,” he says. It was impressive to see Keanu Reeves. Despite my hesitation at the beginning, Keanu showed me why he is a world-famous actor. He has a unique way of expressing his emotions for a successful portrait.