Social Media Photo – April 23, 2019 – Update!

Many thanks to gt.evans for sharing his selfie with Keanu on instagram. Photo was posted today.

Update: Many thanks to swat957 for sharing three photos on instagram from 6/7/97. THe first photo is his selfie with Keanu and the other two are of Keanu on stage with Dogstar. He posted the following with the photo:

6/7/97: Back in my concert security days. We had just got out of The Beach Boys & Chicago at the Coca Cola Starplex. We went over to the other security crew at Deep Ellum Live where Keanu Reeves’ band “Dogstar” was playing. After the gig there were a ton of people at the back trying to meet him. I was standing by the backstage door and was like, “Hey Keanu, mind if we take a pic?” He obliged, and then turned around and walked right past everyone else. lol.