T in the Park Flashback

For those who haven’t seen this, Mel Butler Photography posted the photo she took of Keanu in 1996 at T in the Park in Scotland. She posted the following with the photo:

I have to confess I went to see Dogstar not for musical appreciation but for visual content. That sounds very fickle basing a band on its content and not its musical ability. But you are talking about the adorable Keanu Reeves here. I had a serious crush on the guy. Plays bass, rides Norton motorcycles, likes The Mary Chain and is just a really nice, sweet, genuine guy.

I couldn’t say what songs Dogstar played as it was hard not to be transfixed by the presence of Mr Reeves. I felt sorry for the rest of the band as most of the female audience had all squashed themselves (including me) to the right hand side of the stage for a better view of Keanu.

Dogstar themselves weren’t too bad but they didn’t wow me either. What I did like about them was the fact all 3 members of the band really enjoyed playing in a band. They weren’t pretentious. They weren’t trying to be something they were not. They were just a bunch of guys who enjoyed being on stage and rocking out together. Oh and they had a tent-full of screaming women.