Toy Story 4 – Opening Weekend Expectations

Box Office Pro is reporting that Toy Story 4 is tracking to have an opening weekend box office in the $105 M – $135 M range.

Things working in the films favor:

  • The franchise has been well received by Pixar fans and since it has been nine years since the last film, it can introduce a new generation of kids to the franchise.
  • Reactions to the teaser trailers and original and new characters has been very positive.
  • This will be the last animated tentpole of the summer season.

Potential negatives:

  • Toy Story 3’s Oscar recognition and  sentiment of movier goers that it was a perfect ending to the series may be an obstacle. Currently the film appears to be more popular with younger audiences than adult audiences.
  • Two weeks aftr the film opens, there will be competition with The Secret Life of Pets 2 demographics. THe film is also missing out on Father’s Day weekend.