What is Currently Known About The Continental

Fred Topel has a post up at Rotten Tomatoes detailing what is currently known about the upcoming TV show, The Continental. The president of STARZ, Carmi Zlotnick has given an update to Rotten Tomatoes on the show. Highlights are below.

  • A script for the first episode is ready and they hope to be in production in early 2019.
  • The star of The Continental will be a guest that we have not met before – a brand new assassin.
  • Chad Stahelski will direct the first episode.
  • They are expecting Keanu to make a guest appearance and they are hoping that Ian McShane will too.
  • The Continental will run parallel to John Wick and will not premiere until after JW3 is released.
  • The Continental retains the John Wick creative team.
  • The first season will consist of eight episodes.