What Was Cheryl Denying in the OK Article Again?

The online article in the OK! USA May 18, 2020 that Cheryl Maisel said was false was taken down. That, all by itself, was telling. The print version, however, was already published and on shelves in grocery stores, newsstands and other outlets.

Key points from the print article are below verbatim. Screen captures of the entire article are included as well. Key statements are underlined.

From the Article

  • “He recently asked Alexandra to marry him, and she said yes,” the insider tells OK!
  • Then the Speed star pulled out the ring: a unique vintage gold rock…
  • Keanu and Alexandra soon became a couple, but kept the romance on the DL.
  • “Like Keanu, Alexandra is very private, so they dated in secret for years before making their debut as a couple a few months ago,” the insider continues.

From the Insert

  • “He and Alexandra would love to have a family together,” says an insider, adding they are leaning towards adoption.

Gossip Cop and Cheryl’s Statement

…when Gossip Cop checked in with Reeves’ official spokesperson for comment, and not only were told that not only was the story not true, but OK! had also reached out for a comment. In response to the article, the spokesperson told the tabloid, “Your story is completely false and has no basis in any truth. This is completely fabricated for your own financial gain. If you publish anything else as our comment, then any such statement will be false and we will take appropriate action.”

Cheryl said the story was completely false and had no basis in truth – not some of it was false – ALL of it was FALSE. There was:

  • no dating for years
  • no couple
  • no marriage proposal
  • no engagement ring
  • no talk of children

The article is the article. The words are the words. Believe your eyes and what you read and not what you hear from those pushing their own false narrative.