Wheels and Waves in Malibu – Update!

Keanu showed up at Wheels and Waves at the Malibu Country Mart today.

Many thanks to fireballtim for sharing his selfie with Keanu on instagram and FB.

Many thanks to Yvonne Cureton for sharing five photos from Wheels and Waves on FB. Keanu is in three of the photos. She invited him to attend our ALS “Racin’ for a Cure” Car Show June 29, 2019. No clue if he will attend. He may be filming B&T3.

Many thanks to braccoland for sharing two photos on IG story which are here . She also posted the clean versions of the two photos on instagram. She has since removed them. Guess she took offense to being liked and thanked. they are in the site twitter feed.

Many thanks to orderup34 for sharing three photos on instagram.

Update: Many thanks to prueskee for sharing two photos of the KR-GT1 on instagram.