Lack of Summer Romances

Kyle Buchanan has posted an article, “Why Has the Romance Gone Out of Summer Movies?“, on Vulture. It’s a good read. Some of the highlights are below.

  • He goes through an impressive list of romantic comedies, including Ghost, The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, The Proposal and The Runaway Bride, that made the bulk of its box office in the summer.
  • Studios have learned little from these rom-coms of yesteryear.
  • This summer, The Book Club is the only rom-com that has been released. It’s budget was only $10M but so far it has made $80M worldwide at the boxoffice.
  • While the major studios are ignoring rom-coms, he goes through the upstart companies and the films they are releasing that capitalize on this demographic.
  • Destination Wedding was mention as a rom-com that will be released in late August. He also points out that the Destination Wedding trailer on youtube has gotten almost as many views as Walhberg’s Mile 22 trailer.